Ultimate Guide to T-shirt Printing and Design

A T-shirt is a casual piece of clothing that many of us use to express what we represent. Well, others wear T-shirts to advertise. So, how do you design a T-shirt that does it all? If you have a design you would like to imprint into your casual T-shirt, or an idea to promote your business or merchandise, or do you want a T-shirt to commemorate an event? Whatever your reasons for designing and printing a T-shirt, it is when and where you wear them that counts. This guide will show you all the steps you need to take to successfully create your own shirt taking into consideration different budgets.

Design your T-shirt following these steps

Figure out the need for the T-shirt: Do you need a T-shirt for promotional purposes or advertising? Whatever the case, it will always have an aspect of branding. Even if you are designing and printing a T-shirt for fashion, it must have consistent themes to communicate the message. If your T-shirt was for a one-time event, it still must bear personality traits that you want the T-shirt to pass across. Think of the themes you want your T-shirt to convey, for example, is it serious or playful? Is it conservative or edgy? Is it affordable or luxurious? Designing a focused T-shirt answer all the questions above at a glance. For an effective design, focus on real and quantifiable data rather than personal preferences. Think of your target audience and their brand traits or who do you think they want to associate with. We have four goals that will guide you in designing your T-shirt. Is it for promotional purposes? If yes, you want to keep your brand in the minds of prospective clients. You will give away these T-shirts as gifts at conventions, trade shows, conferences, and other events. If you are designing T-shirts for company usage, you might want to design quality T-shirts that employees will put on as a show of teamwork and solidarity. If your T-shirts are meant for merchandise, think of style, business strategy, and marketability.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Define quantity and the budget to implement: As a designer, you may be anxious to get the actual T-shirt design, but some factors go in such as quantity and budget. These two aspects play a critical role in the final product. Before you start the entire process, plan the budget and the number of T-shirts you would like to have. Depending on the method you will employ to print the actual T-shirts, budget and quantity will determine the number of colours you want to use therefore affecting the designs in one way or another.

Determine the printing option: There are many factors to consider when choosing the printing option to implement for your T-shirt designs. Factors to consider include, the cost of the printing option, the appearance of print designs, production time, and materials. There are several printing options to consider including; screen printing, vinyl graphics, print-on-demand, or direct-to-garment printing.

Brainstorm design concepts: This is the right time to figure out what goes into your T-shirt. Think about your target audience while brainstorming design ideas. Figure out how it looks when printed on the actual T-shirt and make sure it sends the right message about your brand.