What is Screen Printing?

1 – Preparing the file
The files must be prepared respecting certain quality standards and minimum parameters. Each printer will provide you with these details according to your needs.

The final print result is directly proportional to the quality of the file provided. Check out this page to learn more about how to properly prepare your files for screen printing with Burger-print.com

2 – Film engraving
Screen printing allows you to apply only one print color at a time. Therefore complex designs are broken down into individual colors by a chart. A transparent film will then be made (one for each color to be made) with the image above which will be subsequently impressed on the frame.

3 – Frame engraving
The frames are nothing more than metal or wood squares on which a special micro-perforated fabric is stretched. A special photosensitive gelatin is applied to it which solidifies when exposed to light.

To imprint the frames, therefore, luminous planes are used on which the previously engraved film is first affixed and then the frame in this order. The light will solidify the portions of the frame that it will be able to reach, leaving instead those areas that the etched film darkens gelatinous.

It will be sufficient to wash the frame to remove only the non-dry portions which will then be those through which the ink will be transferred to the substrates to be printed.

4 – Preparation of the inks
The inks are prepared according to the type of printing and the necessary colors. This process is carried out according to specific formulas in order to obtain the color shade desired by the customer by mixing different base colors together.

5 – Commissioning
Before printing, it is necessary to correctly arrange the frames on the screen printing carousel and load them with ink. This phase is one of the steps where greater precision is required especially if there are different printing colors to be made.

In these cases, in fact, a perfect alignment between the different color bars is necessary.